We Fewz your challenges with our team to build science based, market leading, sustainable solutions. We work across a wide variety of industries with a focus on transportation and construction.

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Who we are

A multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers and consultants specialising in technical support and development for projects in the highways, transport and construction industries. Based in the South West of England but covering Nationwide and Europe we are available to support your projects

Our Services

Computer Aided design

Production of CAD modelling, simulations and rendering for mechanical and civil applications

Traffic Modelling and Simulation

Development of traffic models for highway assessments and traffic management scheme …

Highway assessment trials

Assessments into new and innovative methodologies, technologies and systems and reporting of outcomes.

Innovation management

Helping you to build environments where innovation can thrive and deliver on an organisation’s strategic objectives

Funding and bidding

Supporting you to develop funding applications for UK and European funding. From first concepts to submission and project management

Software development and management

Development, testing and deployment of software systems including analytics, web and applications

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